How to “Speak Longboarding”


September 13, 2012 by Colin Rickard

Now that you know some basics about Longboarding, it is about time you learn how to “speak” longboarding.  In this post I will be giving you some insight into some lingo used by riders and how you can communicate with such beings as professional riders (they are from another planet by the way).

Lets start with some lingo that could save you from further embarrassment.

Cool Story Bro” – Usually used sarcastically too inform who ever is telling a story that his/her longboarding story is in fact not as entertaining as they imagined.

Simply put, if you are told this then you have 2 options.

1. Re-tell the story in a much more dramatic tone to imply that maybe your story was supposed to be bad in a sarcastic sense.

2. Abruptly end story and continue to skate. =]

Now as most of you may be learning to ride you will be accomplishing a feat that is quite common among new riders, this of course is when you:

Bail” – when you fall off you board and hit the ground, sometimes hard, sometimes your lucky enough to fall onto some grass.  This also sometimes results in:

Road Rash” – the aftermath of when unprotected flesh comes in contact with quickly passing surface of the street.

Another common occurrence during bailing can be called:

Rolling Down The Windows” – often seen before a bail, a good sign when a rider is out of control.
The above image is a good example of what can be called a “Biff

Biff” – the art of falling off your board.  Most likely will occur in a most inconvenient manor, an example of this can be observed when cruising past an attractive person of the opposite sex when magically a pebble catches your wheel.

An effective way to prevent any of the above maneuvers while skating is to reduce your speed, this can be accomplished easily for newer riders by:

Foot-Braking” – occurs when you place a foot on the ground and drag your shoe in order to reduce speed.

By placing your foot on the ground and thus reducing your speed it is much easier to avoid obstacles and easily step off the board at a slower speed.

Now most important of all, if you are going to be getting into longboarding, it is very important to not become a “Hodad

Hodad” – someone who owns a longboard but doesn’t actually ride it.

Hope some of these words help familiarize yourself with the longboarding world and I will be coming back later with more complex lingo for when you are further developed in longboarding.

So until next time, skate safe “locos“!

locos” – Members of the SJSU (Locomotion) Longboarding Club


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