How to “Pick Your Longboarding Type”


September 13, 2012 by Colin Rickard

Now that you know the different genres of longboarding and some longboarding terms; it’s about time you pick out your board.

To begin we must figure out how you intend to ride your board.  If you remember back to my first post

(first post:

then you will remember how I spoke about the different styles of longboarding (Cruising, Sliding, Freeriding / Dancing, Downhill / Speedboarding, and Slalom / Carving).

Based upon which purpose you will be using your board for dictate which type of board you will need to buy as well as the wheels and trucks to go along with it.

For Cruising:

This is all about personal preference, whatever feels best under your feet.  this can include softer wheels for less bumpy of a ride or a wider or shorter board depending on your preference of stance.


For Sliding:

To build a board for specializing in sliding you want to have the least grip possible. In order to achieve this you want wheels that are a harder density and have a curved edge (so that initiating a slide is quicker).  Also you should have trucks that are wider, with wider trucks less pressure is transferred to the wheels and you have more leverage on the bushings.


For Dancing:

You want the board to be long in this instance, especially for the space in order to move around on. A board ranging from 36″ to 44″ is ideal, although if you prefer  longer then that is your prerogative.

Example: Loaded Bhangra **

For Speedboarding / Downhill:

The key to this form of longboarding is that you will need a board with high stability, such a response can be seen by buying a board that has a longer wheelbase, wider trucks, and harder bushing set up.
Furthermore,  since at some point you will have to turn it would be imperative, if you are new to speed, to have softer wheels in order to grip the road better.


For Carving:

Turning is key, the softer the bushings the better making it easier to initiate a turn. Also just like downhill you will want softer wheels in order to produce a higher grip.


Design Preference:

In the end you have to like the way the board looks, the artwork of the board should be catered to your preference and you can customize the board to the way you like it!

General board shapes can be seen as follows:
(defined by

All Longboards shown (unless specified differently) are Products of Landyachtz and can be found @


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